A mockumentary (a portmanteau of the words mock and documentary) is a type of film or television show in which fictional events are presented in documentary style to create a parody. These productions are often used to analyze or comment on current events and issues by using a fictional setting, or to parody the documentary form itself. They may be either comedic or dramatic in form, although comedic mockumentaries are more common. A dramatic mockumentary (sometimes referred to as docufiction) should not be confused with docudrama, a fictional genre in which dramatic techniques are combined with documentary elements to depict real events.

Mockumentaries are often presented as historical yet witty documentaries, with B roll and talking heads discussing past events, or as cinéma vérité pieces following people as they go through various events. Though the precise origins of the genre are not known, examples emerged during the 1950s, when archival film footage became relatively easy to locate. A very early example was a short piece on the "Swiss Spaghetti Harvest" that appeared as an April fools' joke on the British television program Panorama in 1957.

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Conversations with Ruth de Souza Streaming: Watch & Stream Online via Netflix

Coming Soon 18 Jun 2024
Conversations with Ruth de Souza (also known as Di�logos com Ruth de Souza) is a documentary that celebrates the actress’ groundbreaking career in Brazilian stage, television, and cinema, spanning almost a century ... It explores her profound impact and legacy in Brazilian cultural history....

Mike Rowe Gives Us Something to Stand For

Jewish World Review 18 Jun 2024
It is spontaneity that Mike Rowe, podcaster, author, television host and champion of the everyman, says he now understands after finishing his first movie, during which he placed in at the last minute something that becomes one of the most riveting parts of his history-themed documentary "Something to Stand For."....

German Jewish Film Festival Kicks Off Under the Shadow of Oct. 7

The Hollywood Reporter 18 Jun 2024
Of course, we have Israeli films but the goal is to provide a wide range of perspectives, and to broaden the discussion of Jewish life to being all about the war, or about the legacy of the Holocaust." Jason Schwartzman and Carol Kane in Between the Temples This year's ......

What happened to Joanna Dennehy

The Daily Mail 18 Jun 2024
In 2014, Dennehy was handed a whole-life prison term - the third given to a total of four women in British history - while Stretch was found guilty and convicted of attempted murder. Over a decade on, a gripping documentary - The Killing Spree....

What's on? Top 10 TV and streaming tips for Tuesday

RTE 18 Jun 2024
Tonight's top telly includes Super Surgeons ... Most Wanted . . Pick of the Day ... This week's subject is Flee, an animated documentary that follows the true tale of Amin, a gay Afghan man, and the desperate measures he is forced to take to escape persecution ... This is the first feature-length documentary to explore the history of queer stand-up comedy ... FBI ... ....

Asheville's Southside urban renewal research to be subject of local documentary

Citizen Times 17 Jun 2024
And now, Asheville filmmaker Todd Gragg plans to turn Robinson's research into a documentary ... Robinson's childhood home was among the acquired parcels.Documentary to cover Southside, beyond ... The goal of the documentary is to hopefully allow more people to understand history, but to also help "the way we process" the events of the past, Gragg said....

A weekend of documentary film marathons from Cyprus

Philenews 17 Jun 2024
The history, tradition, and archaeology of Cyprus are captured through the eyes of 250 students in 24 documentaries created through the Educational Department of the AEI Film Festival (International Festival of Archaeological, Ethnographic, and Historical Documentary of Cyprus) SYNEKPEDEFSI....

Who Were The Brat Pack And Where Are They Now? Explored

Pinkvilla 17 Jun 2024
Decades later, Brat Pack member Andrew McCarthy's new documentary BRATS, which explores their life, reign, and current status, was released ... Nelson made a substantial contribution to the Brat Pack history even though he chose not to appear in the BRATS documentary ... movie history....

The buzziest films with Australian audiences at the Sydney Film Festival 2024

Screen Daily 17 Jun 2024
, director James Bradley’s 12-year study of Jiawei Shen and his monumental artwork focussed on China’s tumultuous recent history, won the A$20,000 documentary Australia award ... Two are documentariesPaul Clarke’s about the Australian rock band, and Ian Darling’s , a love letter to Sydney’s iconic swimming pool, the Bondi Icebergs. ....

Docu film spotlights growth of architectural industry

The Manila Times 17 Jun 2024
MEMBERS and officers of the United Architects of the Philippines (UAP) gathered last month for the special red-carpet premiere of "The 3rd Week of April," a documentary film about the making of the biggest gathering of Filipino architects in history — the NatCon49 ... Documentary ......

As clock ticks, Judy Garland Museum fundraises for ruby slippers

Brainerd Dispatch 17 Jun 2024
Four pairs of sequined shoes seen on Garland's feet in "The Wizard of Oz" still exist, according to the director of a documentary about the slippers. One of the pairs is on display at the National Museum of American History, where their popularity ranks alongside that of the original Star-Spangled Banner....

Strike: An Uncivil War review – brutal confrontation on the miners’ strike picket lines

The Guardian 16 Jun 2024
Former miners and police officers recall Orgreave, one of the nastiest events in postwar British history, in Daniel Gordon’s forthright documentary British schoolchildren are taught that the last full-scale ......

Ladies in Black review – a tepid period drama that feels a bit fusty

The Observer 16 Jun 2024
Director Gracie Otto (who recently made a wonderful documentary about her actor father Barry) smooths the edges of history, making a show that feels soft and staid despite being set in a period of profound social change, taking the view that the monochrome nature of society in the 50s evolved into full colour in the 60s....